Pyramid Quest for Immortality Slot

  • Jan 21, 2021

The ancients in Egypt believed that the death of their pharaoh was not the end of life. That was a reason as to why most pharaohs were buried with features and possessions. With the slot, players are exposed to a new challenge involving searching for the lost treasure in the quest for immortality. Players have the capability of winning more from the game. Access Netent-casinos to know the sort of treasure you will be able to win, which include golden snakes, eagles, pharaoh's mistress, or even bejeweled scarab beetles. What is more, the game has a bonus wild symbol and an avalanche feature that increases players winning capabilities.


Pyramid Quest for Immortality Slot Features

Pyramid Quest for Immortality slot has 720 pay lines and 5 reels, and it is powered by Netent software. The slot has an unusual structure of the reel that helps in providing the people with a fantastic game experience when playing. The video slot has wild substitution features, a multiplier, wild generation, and avalanche features that represent the game. The basic symbols found on the reels include images of pharaohs, an eagle, a scarab, an eagle, and Cleopatra. Access ez2spotranch to know the game also has playing cards symbols which range from ten to aces that are found on the background properly covered using a stone brick.

  • Pyramid Quest for Immortality slot has 720 pay lines and 5 reels.
  • The denomination of coins ranges from 0.01 to 2, and winning extends up to 3,600,000 coins.

Before you access ancient Egypt using the slot, you have to set betting levels. The denomination of coins ranges from 0.01 to 2, and the bet limits can be set using the +/- buttons that can be accessed in the coin value section of the game. In the game, there is also a tab where you can set the number of coins per line when playing the game. By clicking on the max bet option in the game, you will be able to set the game to a maximum bet value availed when playing the game. Additionally, the spin feature in the game helps in setting the reels in motion.

There is a line bet multiplying factor accessed when playing the game. The slot has a 7x one bet multiplier that assists in searching for the hieroglyphics to extract the treasure. Also, players are provided with 8x used to find the golden snakes. That will help you excavate the treasure. Besides, a 10x line bet is availed to players to search for the golden eagle and 15x bet line used to find the bejeweled scarab beetles in the game. The bets expand up to 50x when you find the pharaoh. Finding the pharaoh's mistresses helps players to win up to 25x.

All wins when playing the game are useful because they are used to unlock the avalanche features, which removes the treasure extracted from the pyramid. Also, the features enable more treasures to get into the tomb for further excavation. The features in the game continue until there are no additional winning lines in the game. For every three avalanche features gained by the players, the prize multiplier in the game increases by 1 fold to a maximum bet value. The feature assists in unlocking prices, which goes up to 3,600,000 coins! What are you waiting for! Access the slot from any device to increase your winning ways.

Netent: Pyramid Quest for Immortality