Pyramid Quest for Immortality Slot

The ancients in Egypt believed that the death of their pharaoh was not the end of life. That was a reason as to why most pharaohs were buried with features and possessions. With the slot, players are exposed to a new challenge involving searching for the lost treasure in the quest for immortality. Players have the capability of winning more from the game. Access Netent-casinos to know the sort of treasure you will be able to win, which include golden snakes, eagles, pharaoh's mistress, or even bejeweled scarab beetles.

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Review of Guns N' Roses Video Slot

In affiliation with Bravado International Group, NetEnt game developer has brought to its casino gaming enthusiasts Guns N' Roses, a new legendary in the industry. This video slot features an amazing soundtrack which typically presents a player with five epic hits to choose from. This brings about the authentic experience to the player. Those who have had an encounter with this video slot admit that it really rocks. Information-rich sites, such as netent-casino.

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